Meryl Streep has been largely absent from promotion for August: Osage County. She’s been shooting movies, busy, and hustling on carpets and at parties isn’t usually her thing, although once in a while, if Harvey Weinstein nags at her hard enough, she’ll oblige. That said, the Academy has been very kind to Meryl Streep. So she showed up for an Academy Members Screening of the film last night in New York City along with other cast members including Julia Roberts, who’s held up most of the selling for the movie so far. They bring in Meryl though as we approach the critical push.

Right now, according to the Oscar predictors, Meryl’s still in as one of the 5 nominees for Best Actress. But she’s losing momentum to Sandra Bullock since Gravity continues to make lots of money. Cate Blanchett’s performance in Blue Jasmine (have you seen it yet? She’s incredible) is still considered the favourite, but it’s a good time for Meryl to remind everyone why you can never count her out of a race.

As for Julia – she’s in there for Supporting Actress but well behind Oprah and Lupita Nyong’o and now they say Jennifer Lawrence is coming on strong as American Hustle is starting to screen. Combining America’s most beloved and respected actress with, well, the Julia Roberts is what they were after all along when they put this movie together. At least a side benefit right? I mean, if this is what we’re getting for the next 3 months over award season, how can you complain?