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That f-cking Shelf Ass had the temerity to put herself in the same sentence with Meryl Streep in an interview. Meryl Streep is too classy to care. But to quote Valentino:

I would eat them!

Meryl was in LA last night with Amy Adams for the premiere of Julie & Julia in which she plays Julia Child, with the accent and the quirky mannerisms, a third summer in a row that she’s featured at the box office, and that’s Meryl Streep – just turned 60 and, as she’s said recently, suddenly a box office draw.

Her next release is at Christmas – voice work in The Fantastic Mr Fox, played by George Clooney, as his wife Mrs Fox, the highly anticipated animated film by Wes Anderson that has just been announced to open the London Film Festival.

Meryl is also currently shooting It’s Complicated as a divorcee in a love triangle comedy trying to choose between Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin.

The girl is BUSY.

But not too busy to promote the work. Before the premiere Meryl dropped by the Tonight Show last night for a visit with Conan. So present, and grounded, and regal, and naughty, with a wicked sense of humour. Watch to the end to see her with her new instrument.

Who dares to compare?

You see why that Shelf Ass bitch needs a good slap?

Julie & Julia opens August 7th. I’m there.

Meryl with Conan Part 1

Meryl with Conan Part 2

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