Lainey called me out last night, and she was right, for pussy footing around the fact that The Iron Lady suuuuucked.  I mean, not just a little bit.  That movie was really, really bad …but you got so distracted by Meryl.  There was a moment in the movie where she communicated with her face “well, I could, not that he would care anyway, but what’s a mother to do, these days? That’s my lot in life”.   How can she DO that?  

It’s that same thing that makes her so completely compelling in person.   When she forgot her glasses and just decided to start naming actresses she loves, how can you look away? I know some of you thought it was a little big self-serving – after all, it’s not like she was heaping all the praise before the (deserved) win – but she knows how to keep you watching, right?

Which is why, does it matter that she was wearing a cowgirl’s dress?  Meryl is Above.  She’s above cramming her hips into Spanx.   I mean, please.  She’s Meryl Streep!   And the dress is plain and boring and doesn’t do a thing for her really, but everyone’s also forgotten it already this morning, so maybe it did what it was supposed to.