I had to watch it twice to make sure I didn’t see her. Then I sent it to our site coordinator Emily and asked her if she saw her. There is no Taylor Swift in the first trailer for The Giver. OK fine. But there is a LOT of colour. It’s been a long time since I read the book but my memories of it are the same colour as the pages – it was actually a really cool effect: the world of The Giver seemed to be reflected on paper, just white and black. Am I crazy?

Anyway, I love a Meryl Streep with a straight fringe. And I also love how Katie Holmes is screwing up her face, trying to make it look like she’s harsh and cold, sitting across the table from her fictional husband Alexander Skarsgard.

But enough of the peripherals and pop stars. It’s supposed to be Meryl and Jeff Bridges carrying this film. Do you find it interesting, the timing of this preview? Divergent opens tomorrow so the dystopian reading crowd is presumably already tuned in. Are you sensing the Kate Winslet-Meryl Streep parallel? And does that make you notice more?