Meryl Streep last night at the premiere of Doubt, still dressed in character perhaps as Sister Aloysius, said to be yet another slamdunk Oscar nominated performance.

Have you seen or read Doubt?

What makes me worship her even more is her defence of Sister Aloysius. And how far she’s willing to go artistically in that defence. In a new interview with the Telegraph, Meryl describes a scene that she intensely lobbied to have cut – it ended up staying – because she felt it compromised her character’s conviction, or, more appropriately, her “doubt about what she has done,” arguing that if the film hinges on uncertainly, swaying it with what could be interpreted as conclusive evidence inevitably defeats the purpose.

These are the observations of a studied and superior actor – so articulate, so f-cking smart, so unapologetic, so much more interesting than what we’ll be forced to live with for the next 30 years. in many ways, acting’s reputation in recent years has been raped by the new breed of dumbasses who call it an art without bothering to apply to it an artistic approach. Which is why more often than not when we hear them referring to themselves as “artists”, the most immediate response is to roll our eyes.

Like Audrina f-cking Partridge is now an actress.

But Meryl Streep…well Meryl Steep is an artist.

LOVE the part when she complains about rehearsals. And her comparison of male/female urination technique to illustrate how differently we live our lives...agree or disagree?

The article is a must-read. Click here for more.

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