This photo of Meryl Streep and Emma Thompson was taken 10 years ago while they were promoting Angels In America. Which was my first thought when I saw them together last night at the NBR gala where Meryl presented Best Actress to her friend and, at the same time, delivered a speech that shat on Walt Disney for being a racist, sexist, misogynist asshole …without taking away anything from Emma’s accomplishment. In fact, Meryl’s words only honoured Emma more, being the “rabid man-eating feminist” that she is.

Please PLEASE PLEASE Click here to read the transcript. I’ve spent some time looking for video but can’t find it. If I do, I will post. It’s worth all of it. Also…

She did this two nights before Oscar nomination ballots are due. She’s such a badass.

You know who else was there last night at the NBR awards?

Leonardo DiCaprio. Interesting to me because, well, what do you think Leo thinks when he has to listen to a woman go off about sexism?

Leo and Martin Scorsese had a moment too at the event. Click here to read about that. Question: do the women in Scorsese films meet the Meryl standard?