I was hardly the only one to see it, but I am delighted that we now have the potential to recapture it.

This is fantastic. The best actress in the world picks her wedgie (I would also have accepted “adjusts her fullback underwear”),  and not only smiles with grace about it, but somehow intuits that the camera has caught this and smilingly explains “I was worried I was going to step on my dress”.  She knows that’s not what was wrong, and we know that’s not what was wrong, but she gives us the little winky smile about it anyway.

Incidentally, the weird moment when she appeared not to actually open the envelope when Daniel Day-Lewis won? My money’s on the idea that she opened the envelope during the break, because that would only make sense, right?  Why wouldn’t you?  And because the alternative – that the winner was in the teleprompter – seems rife with potential for disaster, given that those files are generally less closely guarded than the envelopes. But then, given the show we saw last night, how surprised are we, really? They’re just lucky they had Meryl Streep to help them make it all look a little better.