Do you think she really did lose her voice?

Or do you think she knew her speech would be that much more effective if the room was pin-drop silent so everyone could listen to her?

Do you think that Meryl Streep had to look up which of her fellow nominees was born other places? Or do you suspect, like I do, that part of her gift in having empathy for so many people, which is what allows her to embody so many people, means she has it memorized that Ruth Negga grew up in Ireland and Ryan Gosling ‘like all of the nicest people’ is Canadian?

Also, did you forget, seconds into her speech, that it was actually an acceptance speech for her achievements? Because she tossed that away in a hot second to remind us all to have more empathy, to support the press, to remember that we need to take all our complaints and rants and do something about them, to stand up for the stuff we believe is too terrible to tolerate. “Take your broken heart and make it art.”

Yes, it’s easy for her to say – but if it’s so easy, why didn’t anyone else do it? Why did everyone tear up watching her? I was looking at the tears in Emma Stone’s eyes wondering what project they did together – but then I saw Kerry Washington’s and Amy Adams’ and realized, oh, it’s everyone. Everyone feels that way about Meryl Streep. Everyone, Viola Davis included, needs her to give those kinds of speeches to give them the fortitude they need to continue.

It’s inspiring enough to make you forget about the inexplicable purple font in the celebration of Meryl’s achievements package -- but not so inspiring you forget to notice the dress she was wearing.  What exactly would you call that style? How...exactly would you describe it, if you had to?