Maybe that's a little melodramatic. But it's what I was thinking of seeing the two of them, Mia Wasikowska and Jessica Chastain yesterday in Cannes.

Mia, as you know, is currently one of the most well regarded young actors of this generation. She's exquisite, and she's SO talented, and so many people know it already and she keeps working and working and working. It's exciting to me what will hopefully come from her. That we're watching the beginning of what become a monumental career. Hyperbole? Oh but that's what starmaking is about, isn't it?

This is Mia representing Restless with Gus Van Sant last night. I wish I could have had a chance to screen it. As noted already, I went to We Need To Talk About Kevin instead. There wasn't enough time to do both. Haven't had a chance to catch up with colleagues on it and since I don't have a f-cking laptop (!!!!!!) I can't get online. Will let you know what I hear.

Mia then caught up with Jessica Chastain who's about to be the new Mia on Monday when Tree of Life finally premieres. Jessica seems to be in everything that's due for release. And seemingly came out of nowhere. She also has a part in The Help and a movie with Gerard Butler and something else with Terrence Malick - she's wanted, they're all talking about her, and she appears to be able to back it all up.

I heard her speak yesterday at the TimesTalk IFP women in film panel discussion yesterday. She was slight, serene, more content to observe, seemed really long and lean, reminded me in demeanor a little of Angelina Jolie. Then, later on, at the CK party, I almost didn't recognise her. Like, she didn't look the same at all. This time it was a little more Sydney (Sidney? The redhead?) from Melrose Place. Freaked me out. I mean I'm not even sure if the first person was actually her. But it was!
Anyway, Mia and Jessica - young, in demand, amazingly poised, two new bright contenders, experiencing Cannes together. I wish we could know if these pictures will mean a lot more, have a significant context, in 10 or 20 years.

Just as a comparison for example - Vanessa Hudgens and Rosario Dawson have been all bff-y here in Cannes. So it's not like you can say that about any two people hanging out, with all due respect to Dawson.

Photos from Fotostore/KCSPresse/