I complained yesterday that Jane Eyre opens this weekend in the US and seemingly nowhere else. F-ck! I really want to see it. In Canada it’s next week. And since I’m away and then away again, I won’t be able to go until March 29 at the earliest. F-ck again!


Because Mia Wasikowska is extraordinary. She is the centerpiece. Yeah, yeah, Michael Fassbender’s hot too and he and Zoe Kravitz are totally two people I could get down with watching while they’re getting down, but mostly, this is Mia, continuing to grow, continuing to learn, continuing to work with really first class actors – Depp, Bening, Moore, Dench, Glenn Close – and directors too – Burton, Chodolenko, Van Sant – and these are only the names I know off the top of my head. I haven’t even bothered to google any more. Because, obviously. It’s impressive enough.

And again, as already noted, she TURNED DOWN the invitation to audition for David Fincher for Girl with the Dragon Tattoo which seems like it could be one of those moments, you know, in ten years you look back and say – oh but what Sliding Door would have been her fate if she’d only taken that role … but it won’t. It won’t matter. Not for her. Not for Mia. Imagine? That’s how you back your talent up with good decisions. I love her.

Photos from Jemal Countess/Stephen Lovekin/Gettyimages.com