Written by Duana

I got the oddest feeling looking at these photos.

You? Anything? Is there a twinge there?

I don’t exactly want to see what I see. But there it is, looking me in the face.

Seen it yet?

Look at Wasikowska in these photos. Look how she stands, letting the dress absorb her with that half-smirk that says ‘yes, I’m wearing it, it looks weird. Just handle it’?

Does it remind you of anyone?

These pictures are of Mia promoting Jane Eyre in Sydney. First of all, I cannot believe that movie is still in release. She was great in it but, spoiler, people of Sydney, she crosses a whole lot of moor. You can afford a bathroom break. Now of course, Mia is from Australia so I’m sure there’s a hometown pride element here, but nonetheless, the movie didn’t exactly send shockwaves through the viewing audience.

In any event, I looked at her sort of laid-back, no red-carpet adrenaline on her face -and it occurred to me who she resembles.

She’s like Gwyneth.

Isn’t she? Kind of? Think of Gwyn back when she had that bobbed cut…see what I mean? That self-assuredness? That slight extra confidence, assured that she’s got a long and important career still ahead of her?

It’s hard, probably, being one of the most celebrated young actors of her age. Probably only Carey Mulligan is seen as having as much innate talent and skill enough to be trusted with the ‘important’ young girl roles. It’s not like they’re debating whether to go with Wasikowska or Blake Lively.

And she is great. Unbelievably so. Yes, The Kids Are All Right and Alice In Wonderland and all her films - but also you really need to watch the ‘Sophie’ episodes of In Treatment. Just trust me. You’ll wind up needing to watch them all in a row.

She’s so talented. SO talented. So – is it unavoidable that there’s a teeny-tiny bug of something that says the idea that she’s special has made it into her consciousness?

I realize that this is how people were talking about Gwyn, back in the day. Saying she was talented and special and really one of the great acting hopes of her generation. I wouldn’t be surprised at Oscar buzz for Mia in a few years. So…do they have other similarities? I love Mia as much as Gwyneth irritated me – but maybe she evokes that Gwyn-like reaction in some?

This is all speculative, by the way. Nobody has told me of any whispers about Wasikowska and I would probably be more likely to forgive them because she’s so talented. And while Gwyn’s I’m-so-perfect at everything continues to annoy me on the front of my Bon Appetit magazine, I’ve actually mellowed on her.

But is it possible to be constantly told you’re utterly talented – and have it be the truth – and not have that change who you are just a teeny tiny touch, in turn? Discuss.

Photos from Wenn.com and Ryan Pierse/Gettyimages.com