During out etalk Ultimate Oscars Guide, I posited that Michael B Jordan should have been nominated for Best Actor for his work in Fruitvale. You remember that scene when Oscar’s in the grocery store and he pretty much assaults his ex-manager to get his job back? Right after charming the girl into buying the right fish and calling his moms about crab on her birthday? That’s real to me. That’s 22 and unlikeable one minute and sympathetic the next. You don’t know what the f-ck, you really, really don’t. And he played that with exactly the right balance and nuance. Jordan’s character in Friday Night Lights, Vince, struggled with the same complicated urges. He is so good at taking on roles without a “hero” arc. Now he’s going to be a superhero, in hopes of becoming a movie star.

Well, he’s certainly dressing like one.

Come on.

That tux? That shirt? Those shoes? All Givenchy, all steeze. It’s just the right amount without overloading on swagger. I watched him move across the photo wall just before entering the theatre and he navigated the experience with just the right amount of confidence and composure (I’ve earned my right to be here this year) with an equal amount of check (I won’t overstay my welcome because it’s not my time…yet). And he seemed to be really appreciating the experience. But you know, I made a point of looking out to see if he was with Zac Efron at any point and I didn’t. Did you?