Two members of my 5 List were recognised at the Gotham Awards last night. Oscar Isaac was there representing Inside Llewyn Davis which won Best Film. And Michael B Jordan was named Breakthrough Actor. Early on in the season, especially after Cannes, both were considered to have a shot at an Oscar nomination for Best Actor. Isaac has now totally dropped out of the race. Can we find a way to blame Justin Timberlake for this? Jordan’s chances are slightly better but far from solid.

For them then, the attitude has to be that this was a year they should be building on. As opposed to, say, Matthew McConaughey, who also won last night (he wasn’t present) and is going to Just Keep Hustlin’ as hard as he can for an opportunity that might not happen again.

It's just been announced that Oscar Isaac will replace Javier Bardem in A Most Violent Year. Click here for more on that.