You know that thing where your dog gets weird before a storm? I think you, me and the rest of us gossips have that same instinct for when a celebrity is being groomed and pushed on us as The Next Big Thing. We’ve felt it SO many times - we all felt it with Anne, we felt it with Amanda Seyfried, we felt it with Ryan Reynolds (and Gosling!), and for a while now we’ve been feeling it with Michael B Jordan.

Well, it’s actually more accurate to say that he’s been on the cusp for a while but now the tipping point has been reached because he’s apparently going to star in the Independence Day sequel. The news is coming from The Wrap, so it has a good chance of being true? The story is that they’re still months away from an actual contract, and Will Smith is still TBD, but Michael’s their #1 choice and they’re even willing to push the movie back a year to get him.

When I emailed Lainey to talk about this story she confessed she’s super into this dude, but I’m not sure how to feel. He was really good on Friday Night Lights, he was GREAT on Parenthood (don’t laugh, he was so good), and we/I have been dreaming about nailing him for years but still there’s something holding me back from getting totally on board his ascent to A list.

I think part of the problem is that we, the audience, and they, Hollywood, are pretty confused about what kind of leading man is appropriate for 2013. The idea of pumping out another mini Tom Cruise, some super clean and sexy but empty blockbuster vessel for us to pour our dreams into, that concept feels old fashioned. Will Smith is annoying, Mel Gibson is a monster, Bradley Cooper is…blegh…the only celebrity giving us reason to believe in the myth of the true Hollywood leading man is Robert Downey Jr. The alternative is some kind of hipster everyman like Jason Segel or Jake Johnson, and that doesn’t really fill the void, does it?

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Michael B. Jordan has been a flawless television and indie star so far, and while he clearly deserves a shot at the big leagues, I have trouble believing he won’t disappoint like all the rest. Am I acting too wounded about leading men? Do I sound like someone whose been dumped too many times? Yes I do, so maybe that’s why, while I’m flattered that Michael B. Jordan wants to ask me/the world out on a date, I’m just worried it’ll ruin our friendship.