The Spirit Award nominees were announced today. And Michael B Jordan’s name was on the list for Best Actor alongside Chiwetel Ejiofor, Bruce Dern, Oscar Isaac (!), Matthew McConaughey, and Robert Redford. That’s great company for a young actor who’s had a great, great year, non?

There could be more, too. It’s very possible with the Drama/Musical split at the Golden Globes that Jordan will be included. SAG and Oscar are probably longshots, considering what he’s up against, but that’s OK. He has time.

The Best Actor race right now does look interesting though. It seems to be between Ejiofor and Redford right now. And McConaughey in a battle for third with Dern. And you can never, ever discount Tom Hanks. We should get a better picture next week when the National Board of Review announces their annual winners. I know, right? Already? Yep, it’s officially time for award season heat.

Here’s Michael B Jordan front row, nodding, nodding, at the Laker game last night.<