Adults open hand slapping each other. No, not an episode of Real Housewives but two major Hollywood directors engaged in a blockbuster pissing contest.


Michael Bay is the director of many well known mindless summer blow-em-up movies and most recently Transformers. The sequel Revenge of the Fallen is due out on June 26th.

McG is helming the upcoming Terminator Salvation starring Christian Bale. Salvation will be released a month earlier in May. A new trailer just hit theatres featuring a robot.

Michael Bay seemed to believe he had the market cornered on robots and that McG is ripping off his invention so he posted this petty little comment on his website:

“We’ve seen the great year end movies, and watched the upcoming clips of the upcoming summer fare. We’ve seen certain movies coming out even try to duplicate Transformer size robots in their ads. Please, come on.”

Did you expect McG to take it like a bitch? Of course not! He has now answered back:

“(What he said) bothers me to tell you the truth. Ultimately, our large robots have nothing to do with the Transformers robots. I say with respect, giant robots have been the theme of film for a real long time. So we want to do everything we can to create separation. Our film’s about T-800s and the Marcus character and the Connor character, and this, that, and the other. So, to have people have a problem with that wouldn’t be working for us so we want to make sure there’s separation.”

And because we love gossip, it’s time to take a side. Let’s assess:

McG directed Charlie’s Angels. Awesome. He also directed Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle. Hmmm. They cancel each other out. He had a hand in The OC and the disaster known as Fastlane…boo. On the plus side there’s Chuck and Supernatural. Again, we’re even.


His name is McG. He wants you to call him McG.

Dude, no.

Michael Bay on the other hand…

Michael Bay gave us Bad Boys. Love.


Then there’s Armageddon. And Pearl Harbour. Which means on some level Michael Bay must think that Ben Affleck can act? There’s no saving that.

And there’s no saving the fact that Michael Bay made Megan Fox a name.

There is no forgiveness for giving Megan Fox a career.

It’s decided then.

Terminator Salvation.


Christian Bale > Shia LaBeouf!