Adonis is a GREAT name.

I mean it’s a balls out name, for sure. And Duana would say it’s a lot of expectation to give to a baby. But holy sh-t, imagine meeting an Adonis who actually fit the name Adonis?

Michael B Jordan is totally an Adonis. And that’s his character in the new Rocky movie: Apollo Creed’s (one of the great names in all the movies) grandson, a boxer, trained by Balboa, obviously. Sly Stallone posted a photo from the ring the other day on Instagram:



Get ready to go for it!

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What? You don’t want to see this movie? Fine. I’ll go without you. I’m DEFINITELY seeing this movie. Because Rocky IV is one of my favourite movies of all time. That’s the one where Rocky fights Ivan Drago to avenge Apollo and in the process BRINGS DOWN COMMUNISM.

Are you kidding me? Rocky IV is cinematic platinum. When he’s training in the snow? And pulling horse carts? I cry Every.Single.Time.

All that came after though, well, it’s been sh-t. Until now. The Creed is the common denominator.

Here’s Michael leaving the Chateau last night.