If only they were all so contrite, the tabloids – the bullsh-t from Life & Style and Star Magazine, Brad and Angelina splitting one week and pregnant the next – if only they’d pull a Page Six…and this is why I say Page Six is gossip scripture.
Yesterday"s confusing report about Michael Buble and Emily Blunt, taken from a clearly deranged witness describing Michael’s braggadocious behaviour and striking out with his long time love Emily Blunt – many of you noted the item was removed rather quickly and today Page Six has printed a retraction, acknowledging that they “Struck Out”, printing this in today’s column instead:

SPIES who saw Michael Bublé and Emily Blunt at the Hotel Costes K in Paris were badly mistaken when they saw Bublé "strike out" with the lovely lass - as was Page Six for reporting the "incident." Bublé"s rep told us the low-key twosome "have been together for two years" and "are a lovely couple." As for our spy saying he wore a "ridiculous" vest, Blunt told us via a rep, "I thought he looked very cute in the vest." Contrary to reports elsewhere, the two are not engaged, although she"s a backup singer on his new album, "Call Me Irresponsible."

Love, love, love.

See? This is why Page Six IS and Life & Style is NOT.