Am addicted to Page Six… Page Six and Us Weekly – gossip bibles. So maybe the travel has warped my brain, eroded my brain speed, because I just don’t get this item that appeared in today’s Page Six about Michael Buble.

Apparently he’s an egomaniac, they call him “corny”…hee. They also said he was bragging incessantly about his romantic prowess but then got rejected by … Emily Blunt???

Here’s the excerpt:

CORNY crooner Michael Bublé isn"t entirely the ladies" man he fancies himself to be. The never-bashful balladeer was spotted "boasting to anyone who would listen" in the bar at the Hotel Costes K in Paris the other night, "wearing this ridiculous vest and bragging to everyone about how women fall all over him and how amazing he is," our witness reports. But when he tried out his moves by flirting with Emily Blunt, who was also at the hotel, he completely struck out.

But Emily Blunt is his girlfriend??? Has been for over a year??? More?? Is it just me? What am I missing?