Cheesy lyrics, the illusion of sensitivity…only to end up a pig in reality, not unlike that douchbag John Mayer who sings of bodies and wonderlands but prefers them drenched in piss.

But then again, if you’ve been paying attention to this site over the last few months, Michael Buble’s philandering really shouldn’t surprise you. In fact, the biggest surprise about the story is that the woman ended up selling her exclusive to The Globe, a publication that writes routinely of aliens and babies with three heads.

Luckily there are photos to corroborate her claims. Which is why even though the report comes from a shaky source, every word is absolutely believable.

Her name is Tiffany Bromley and she tells of a ten year on again off again sexual relationship with Buble before and during his involvement with Emily Blunt. The last time they hooked up was in August in Vancouver. In Emily’s bed. In their apartment.

Tiffany says Michael is a fierce lover, an 11 out of 10. And that he even requested a threesome – apparently he’s a big fan of the ménage, telling her: "Don"t knock it till you"ve tried it. You don"t know what you"re missing."" He also supposedly likes to do it in front of a camera. Don’t they all?

Unfortunately for Tiffany, they haven’t seen each other since that last romp but of course she made sure to whip out her phone and take these photos before he could run off spreading his cheese in other parts of the world while Emily Blunt is busy at work.

Best part of this story is that the only reason people care is because of Emily only. Because while Michael may be wealthier, it’s Emily who is the real star between them. Which is perhaps why his ego needed a little boost.

Don"t his lyrics seem a little hollow now? If not downright fraudulent?


Photos from splash