The Juno Awards happened in Regina last night. Carly Rae Jepsen won Album of the Year. And she beat out Justin Bieber for Pop Album of the Year too. Here’s what JB tweeted  in response to that:

@carlyraejepsen hey if I'm gonna miss one at least it's my own artist. Lol. Happy for u. Now bring out the @NICKIMINAJ song! :)

So... the congratulations (Happy for u) come AFTER he sour-grapes-boasts about his loss. And then he turns it into a moment to pimp out his own situation. They did a great job teaching that kid how to be gracious, non? More on Bieber later.

You know who was actually very, very gracious though? Not surprisingly, KD Lang. Lang was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall Of Fame. She thanked her family, friends, the fans, and not “my band”, but “my bandmates”, and talked movingly about how awesome it was in Canada that her “freak flag” was not only tolerated but CELEBRATED.

Etalk will have extensive and exclusive coverage tonight on the show including an interview in our lounge with host Michael Buble. Buble and his wife Luisana are expecting their first child. If there was anyone, ANYONE you’d expect to be the kind of husband who red carpet belly-cups, it’d be Michael Buble, right? Incredibly, I can’t find any photos to support this assumption.