Michael Bublé is back home in Vancouver, had dinner in Yaletown last night. The good news? He’s still humble enough to wait 40 minutes for a table at the Cactus Club. The pervy news? He eyef*cked the sh*t out of female patrons sitting all around him. Like dude… at least be a little discriminating, would you? And could only manage the lamest opening lines ever. Like approaching and asking if he’d seen the girl on a sports show before.

Son, that needs some work.

The Bube hasn’t been seen with Emily Blunt in ages. Though there’s been no official announcement, word is… it’s done. Been done for a long time. Which is perhaps why he’s been so brazen, although if I’m one of his managers, I’d make sure to check ID.

Attached – Michael performing in Australia last month.

Sorry… I don’t get it anymore. Whatever happened at the Junos has worn off. He’s wee, his face is the chubbs, and his music is the cheese.

Really??? Him???

Photos from Wenn.com