Don’t have a problem with players. Quite the opposite in fact. Kate Hudson is a player. Love Kate Hudson.

What’s hilarious about Michael Buble the player is that he’s somehow conned his entire fanbase, by virtue of his cheesy and oversensitive music, that he is the anti-thesis of a player…when in fact he is a straight up pig! It’s actually kinda brilliant, though maybe not so much for those who’ve been duped.

So check out Michael Buble back home in Vancouver. On Sunday he was with this blonde – took her for a ride on his Vespa, took her to his place, had his arm around her, and was kissing her on the cheek. Innocent enough, right?

Next day Monday… it’s a new girl. The gorgeous brunette. GORGEOUS. Another Vespa ride, some window shopping in the Robson district where she full on vertically straddled him, and non stop PDA until they arrived at Holt Renfrew. I’m told she picked out 3 Chanel bags and a Louis Vuitton too… all totalling around $13K and paid for by Michael Buble. It took half an hour.

Safe to say it’s totally over with Emily Blunt?

Photos from Punkd Images