Michael Buble and his wife Luisana were up at Vancouver’s Grouse Mountain in the snow yesterday. It was apparently the first time for her family from Argentina. You know what I like about Michael Buble though? He would have been very generous about this. Money can be weird in families, especially when you mix them. And even for mega-rich celebrities who, for some reason, can be so grossly cheap it’s never not embarrassing -- see Justin Timberlake.

Michael Buble though? Definitely not cheap. He would have taken care of all of this, right down to the outerwear -- and in the best way possible, without lording it over anyone else. I had an uncle once who, if he was asked to pick up some fruit or dessert or whatever to a family gathering, would proceed to -- throughout the entire evening -- mention how out of his way he went to get the best whatever it was that he brought, like he was the hero of the dinner. Then, of course, when it came time to discuss how much money to chip in for someone’s gift, or, you know, medical care for an aging relative, he was the first one out of the room, followed closely by his squirrely wife. How is it that those people always manage to find each other? It’s really quite romantic.