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The Grey Goose Soho House party on Saturday night was sick. The venue: a subway platform at Bay Station. Two trains with blue lit compartments lined each side of the platform and a long bar bordered one which, naturally, became my office for the evening.

The event was in honour of Harry Brown, the new film starring Sir Michael Caine and Emily Mortimer (pictured here with Terry Gilliam) who is pregnant and due in January. She said it was her first TIFF not hung over. Love her.

Sir Michael delivers yet another crazy ass performance. They gave him a standing ovation. He told me that he knows these are not readily doled out in Toronto. Unless of course it’s Oprah because She is God. He has a wonderful, cheeky, politically incorrect sense of humour, dropped several inappropriately hilarious jokes which will offend you sanctimonious lot, and he also couldn’t stop talking about the bacon wrapped scallops. The wife is spectacular.

Then Clive Owen stormed in…

Clive Owen walks with purpose. Flew down the stairs and was in no mood to let a f-cking camera get in the way of his cocktail. By all means.

Sexy beast in a suit up close. MAN vibes oozing all over him. Like as soon as he came in we all wanted to arm wrestle or something. I would very much like to arm wrestle with him. Did not see his wife.

Clive had lunch on Sunday and I must have received 40 texts from people who were turned on just watching him eat. Please. Clive Owen would destroy that Spittle Bitch Gerry Butler.

PS. I was sprayed with absinthe at the end of the night from a perfume bottle they had as part of the decor. Felt like Kylie Minogue.

PPS. Jacek NEVER comes to parties with me. He said the other day: I don't need to go to every party. I secured my pussy a long time ago. I find this romantic. He did however join me at Grey Goose and spent the entire time thinking every publicist was a minor actress. Laura told him she would never hire him to work for her because he sucks at celebrities. For him, the most interesting person there, even though Harvey Weinstein was holding court for a while, was Brad May.

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Grey Goose

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