Remember when George Clooney tussled with Fabio how that was one of the best stories of 2007? It made us so happy!

And LipGloss’s recent jealousy over Robert Pattinson has provided endless amusement too.

Girl sh-t is the best sh-t. But boy sh-t is the new sh-t!

And the latest boyfight making headlines involves two young arty actors going head to head at Sundance.

Michael Cera’s Paper Heart has been the talk of the festival heading in. Co-written by his alleged girlfriend Charlyne Yi, Paper Heart features Michael and Charlyne playing themselves falling in love while filming a documentary about love.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is at Sundance to promote 500 Days of Summer with Zooey Deschanel which has already attracted a cult following. Joseph also directed a short film – his debut – called Sparks. Michael attended the screening of Sparks the other night and according to Gossip Sauce, in a total bitch move that would make Brenda Walsh proud, openly trashed it in the lobby of the theatre! Cera said Sparks was the worst of the 7 shorts he’d seen, remarking that it “lacked anything impressive or memorable.”

This explains it then, non?

Why he is the hold out on the Arrested Development movie? Young Michael Cera is suddenly the authority on Good. Oh child, go sit DOWN.

But, just like girl sh-t, boy sh-t goes both ways. Wouldn’t you know it, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a little Blair Waldorf in him because he was overheard complimenting Michael Cera the day before. Sort of. Apparently Joseph declared that he wasn’t all that into Cera’s resumé but conceded that Cera "took a script as annoying as Juno and made it into a good piece of work."


Two hits with one shot. He slapped up Diablo Cody too!

But please boy…who are we to judge? You started your career on 3rd Rock from the f-cking Sun!!!

The whole thing reminds me of the Alexander Semin fight recently. My husband watched this over and over killing himself. Hockey players fighting – nothing unusual about that. But a hockey player open hand slapping?

Have you seen this? Big giggles.

Here’s Joseph walking around all poseur badass at Sundance this weekend and also Michael and Charlyne looking suitably awkward as usual.

To see clips from Paper Heart click here.

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