Michael Cera and Tony Danza were filmed going for frozen yoghurt today.

…the f-ck?

What could this possibly be about? Random sh-t, right?

Well, I don’t mean to be mean, but right now, Cera kinda needs any help he can get seeing as Jesse Eisenberg has pretty much killed his value. Scott Pilgrim was a bomb. And, given that people seem to only want to support movies with explosions and grunting, Cera’s corner is getting tighter and together. Let’s fire up that Arrested Development movie then, shall we?

As for Tony Danza…

Here’s my only association nowadays with Tony Danza. Apparently he’s doing some show on A&E where he becomes an English teacher. The only reason I know this is because Lewis Black HILARIOUSLY skewered it on The Daily Show a few months ago. It was probably his best bit of the fall season. (If you live in the US you can watch it here. Otherwise, because of Comedy’s dick ass broadcast rules, we are f-cked for archive clips from the show everywhere else.) And one of his most amazing lines – in a segment that was full of them: Tony Danza teaching English? Teach English!!!? He’s not even qualified to speak English!!! Here’s a guy who spells “Angela” with an “R”.

I laughed. For Days.

Anyway, speaking of Lewis Black, Andrea B sent me a voice link to his Starbucks Across From A Starbucks rant this morning – another gem – but you can’t deny that his most famous classic has to be that blowhard Glenn Beck has Nazi Tourette’s rant. I’ve attached both below for an afternoon laugh. Black is always good for it.


Photos from Wenn.com