Michael Cera doesn't want to be George Michael anymore. He says the idea of an Arrested Development movie is dumbass. And he claims he has no interest in participating in the AD film project.

"I don't think I would want to see a movie of the series if I was a fan, anyway…And I don't really see a need for it if you can get the three seasons on DVD."

There can be no AD movie without every Bluth. As such, our hopes are now dead, murdered by Michael Cera's rising star.


If there's any tv show that merits a movie, AD is it. Besides we were ripped off when it ended prematurely because good taste is dead.'s hard to resent his success. Michael Cera is a bonafide star. Nick and Nora is expected to be a cult hit - his 3rd in a row. Have you read it?


Here is Michael at Much Music while in town to promote the Nick and Nora premiere.

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Source – National Post via Defamer