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She’s from that school where they teach you to always stand by and stick it through. Catherine Zeta-Jones was well trained in this respect, especially when there are other sh-tty situations to contend with. The Zetas of the world, they don’t crumble in crisis. She steels herself and moves ahead. So here they are, Zeta and Michael, last night in New York at the Robin Hood Foundation, very old guard glamour. And while she’s become incredibly thin, she does look very beautiful. Her face has always been first class.

Michael as you know made headlines recently when his son Cameron was sentenced to 5 years in prison on drug related offences. He did not hide from the scandal; rather he appeared on morning television and other programmes explaining that he supported his son’s jail stay, hoping that it would be the catalyst for him to finally straighten out his life. He was also forthcoming about his own shortcomings as a father – consumed with career and not with being a parent, his constant absences meant that Cameron likely lacked the structure and guidance necessary in youth. It’s the same with so many of the kids we see at Covenant House Vancouver. It doesn’t have to super dramatic. People can get lost so quickly.

These days, Michael says he’s devoted to his younger children, prioritises family over work, particularly now since Zeta is on Broadway as he tends to their kids. He is however expected in Cannes this weekend for Wall Street 2 with Shia LaBeouf, Carey Mulligan, and Oliver Stone.

Part of me refuses to believe this is the same person from Romancing the Stone. That movie was early stirring sex for me and he was so grown up and attractive and Man. It’s like James Taylor. I can’t look at James Taylor now. Because James Taylor then, well sh-t, an entire generation of women will tell you, James Taylor then was perfect. When I was obsessed with Joni Mitchell and Carly Simon and Carole King last summer, I would spend too much time staring at photos of James Taylor from back in the day. Now that’s the face of a boy they all wanted to save. Michael’s appeal was different. He was all slick and spice. The past and present incongruity though, it’s the same for both. And Kathleen Turner? This is an entirely different discussion.

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