So I guess what I realized is that we don't really give men as much credit, do we? We sort of smile affectionately when their relationships dissemble and wait for them to have new girlfriends. If this was George Clooney or Jake Gyllenhaal or someone, we’d be laughing about who was going to be next. 

But it’s Michael Douglas and it was a real relationship and we haven’t seen him in a while, so what a pleasure and surprise to see him back, delighted to be there (and, of course, totally deservedly, since everyone pointed out the picture was nothing without him and Matt Damon) and being open and honest and straightforward.

As Lainey says, he’s a pro – and I’m not naïve, either: this is partly him saying to Hollywood, “Hey, I’m back and totally good to go at work”. He’s also not perfect, as you remember from that whole oral sex-oral cancer debacle.

But I got the impression he actually tried to be personable and upbeat and ready to talk to the press and his colleagues and it just felt rare and straightforward and refreshing, you know?

Plus, how much do he and Matt Damon love each other? That was great to see, and you know it.