I hear you. And there aren’t often many photos. So when there are, I will post.

Here’s Michael Fassbender in New York the other day working on a new movie called Shame with Carey Mulligan who’s been made up to look like sh-t. Maybe she should try a comedy soon? I mean, I think we all know now she can do drama.

Anyway, Fassbender of course can next be seen in X-Men: First Class as Young(er) Magneto. He’s also signed on to several other projects with a film schedule that takes him well into 2012. And you must know he’s dating Zoe Kravitz? Did you ever read that piece on UK Vogue about him? Zoe makes an appearance at the end and the journalist gets invited to his flat, with Zoe, and … it’s amazingly awkward. Like the kind of sh-t you wish could get printed more often. And then he decides to stick his head up his ass and offer opinions about movies. These are the pieces that are only possible BEFORE a star goes big. Click here for the article.

Photos from Splashnewsonline.com