Following its well-received premiere in Cannes a couple weeks ago, the first teaser trailer for Macbeth was released today. It’s good. Really good. A lot better, to me at least, than those clips that were released during the festival. Michael Fassbender is convincingly unhinged. You can almost see the moral rot leaking from his eyes. And the tension between him and Marion Cotillard is electric. And this time we see her deliver the line, “What’s done is done”, as opposed to the one we’d seen previously, “What’s done cannot be undone”. I wrote about that earlier this month – click here - for a refresher and how I was eager to compare the difference. And indeed, not surprisingly, she does it. It’s totally a shrug. A patronising shrug. F-ck I love that. I love the nuance in that.

Macbeth will open in the UK on October 2 but so far there’s no North American release confirmed which, I guess, isn’t surprising but it’s still infuriating. I’m at once insulted that they don’t think we over here could handle it and at the same time resigned to the fact that we might deserve to be treated like cultural idiots.

Here’s Fassbender in New York yesterday, presumably hanging out with Alicia Vikander who’s been in NYC promoting Testament Of Youth.