Check out Michael Fassbender at a photo call for Shame at the San Sebastian Film Festival today. He is really hustling it for this movie, having decided, obviously, as Sarah from Cinesnark noted the other day -click here for a refresher - to focus most of his campaign energies towards this film for his best chance at an Oscar nomination. The industry is in love with him right now. It’s looking good...right now. Early in the game. The question is will Academy voters get all prudey about the film? It’s quite... I mean... provocative is a nice way of saying it. Disturbing for some too. Sex addiction is not sexy, put it that way. You should see it when it’s released.

Anyway, how hot is he in this t-shirt?

You know what my favourite, favourite thing about Michael Fassbender is?

My friend Laura, you know Laura if you’ve been reading long enough, the one with the Robert Pattinson problem, well, because of Michael Fassbender, she no longer has that problem... because, obviously. Michael Fassbender is a Man.

Photos from G Tres/ and Carlos Alvarez/