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Michael Fassbender collected the Spotlight Award last night at the NBR. Well itΓÇÖs about time. I feel like FassyΓÇÖs lost a little momentum. YouΓÇÖll recall, he was not nominated for a SAG. And with the race so tight this year, even though he deserves to be included, I donΓÇÖt know that heΓÇÖll make it to the final five when Jennifer Lawrence calls out the names on January 24th. ItΓÇÖs certainly not a lock. Especially when he hasnΓÇÖt been out there, working and hustling like the Clooneys and the Pitts and, yes, even the Oldmans. Oldman was definitely campaigning last week in LA and Palm Springs. Rather diligently, in fact.

If youΓÇÖre a Fassy fangirl, youΓÇÖre probably all like - yeah, well, my boy doesnΓÇÖt need to suck dick for an award, heΓÇÖs all about the art!


You remember when he bailed out on the A Dangerous Method premiere at TIFF because he wanted to go back to Venice to pick up his Best Actor Award, right? That was a poorly played campaign move, but it was a campaign move all the same. As for why Fassy hasnΓÇÖt been present on the campaign circuit so much as the others, I suspect it has something to do with cash money. There just isnΓÇÖt enough of it for him to be able to compete on the same scale with the others.

There you go, Fassy fans. HeΓÇÖs the 99%.

WeΓÇÖll see more of Fassbender later this week. HeΓÇÖs expected at the CriticsΓÇÖ Choice Awards on Thursday.

(Happy Birthday Amber!)

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