Michael Fassbender’s Oscar nonchalance

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I’m not as hype on Michael Fassbender as the rest of you are. Which is why, to me, the best part of his GQ interview is that James McAvoy is in it. McAvoy is there because Fassbender is late and the two of them are supposed to, along with the journalist, speed around a track in a fast car for kicks. This gives Fassbender the opportunity to show the writer what a badass he is – by ignoring the instructor’s orders to not pass and eventually spinning out, narrowly avoiding a high speed collision. 

He’s so man because he’s attracted to danger and isn’t afraid. I’d call that reckless and unnecessary but what do I know? I’m an old dried up c-nt who clearly hasn’t been well lubed in too many years. That’s the only explanation for not feeling Michael Fassbender, right?

The part in the GQ article getting everyone’s attention is Fassbender’s response to being asked about his Oscar chances for 12 Years A Slave, opening in limited release this weekend. The last time Fassbender campaigned for Oscar was for Shame and he didn’t end up receiving a nomination. So, this time, even though everyone’s talking about him as a lock for Best Supporting Actor, he’s opting out of the process:

"That's just not going to happen, because I'll be in New Zealand. I'll be on the other side of the world. You know, I get it. Everybody's got to do their job. So you try and help and facilitate as best you can. But I won't put myself through that kind of situation again. It's just a grind. And I'm not a politician. I'm an actor."

And, now, predictably, everyone’s talking about it, and some even think his chances just got better because he’s above the desperation and actors love to pretend-recognise someone for not being a famewhore. Michael Fassbender, Michael Fassbender, Michael Fassbender…

So here we have 12 Years A Slave, a movie about slavery, perhaps, as The New Yorker’s David Denby wrote, the “greatest feature film ever made about American slavery”, and all we can preoccupy ourselves with is whether or not Michael Fassbender, the white dude in a supporting role, will win an Oscar?

Michael Fassbender, I promise you, will get his. He will keep getting his. Chiwetel Ejiofor, on the other hand, won’t have the same variety of options after this run. So if Michael Fassbender doesn’t want to campaign for himself, why not campaign for Ejiofor? And, oh yeah, the film too. 12 Years A Slave is considered, almost unanimously, the best film of the year, the frontrunner for Best Picture.

But…apparently the Academy doesn’t seem so enthusiastic so far. Sasha Stone notes that it wasn’t even close to a full house the other day when the film was screened for Academy members who might be too “afraid” of it. Afraid of feeling uncomfortable. Afraid of being challenged. Afraid of not being happy about life when they leave the theatre?

So 12 Years A Slave might actually need the buzz of the people, people like us, to get the Academy off their old asses to see it, and then support it. “Oh dear, maybe we should go see that slave movie because everyone keeps talking about it at the golf club.” That’s the sh-t we’re dealing with here.

Sometimes a film is bigger than its actors, you know? If ever there was a film that would make you feel less dirty about holding babies and shaking hands, it would be this one. But that’s ok. Let’s just keep applauding Fassbender for maintaining his alleged integrity and staying off the press circuit in favour of a muscle car on a race track.

Click here to read the testosterone-y article and the video is below.

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