Michael Fassbender hasn’t been around much for X-Men: Apocalypse promotion. The movie opens this weekend. It, um, doesn’t look very good. Here’s Michael at a screening today in Sydney, his first official public appearance since the Oscars when he was nominated for Best Actor and his girlfriend, Alicia Vikander, won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.

Michael and Alicia fell in love during the filming of The Light Between Oceans while shooting last year. Have you read the book? I call it the airport-airplane book. I’ve not been on a single trip the last couple of years without seeing this book. It gets prime placement at all the airport shoppes and at least one passenger is reading it on all my flights. This is a fun game – try it! It’s amazing. As for the story, I liked it OK. A quick, engrossing trip read for sure. Like a way less annoying and way less obvious Nicholas Sparks novel. And, as with Nicholas Sparks novels, you’re supposed to cry.

The trailer for The Light Between Oceans was released last week. Instead of Nicholas Sparks’s North Carolina, the lighthouse and the beach are now in Australia. Unlike Nicholas Sparks though, these are top tier actors bringing the emotion. Which is why they’re releasing the film in the fall, for award season, when crying at the movies is about prestige and not cheese.