Michael Fassbender’s passion project, the Western Slow West, is currently making the festival rounds and is expected in theaters later this year. It’s the feature film debut of Scottish writer/director John Maclean and it’s produced by Fassbender’s shingle, DMC, and it looks very, very cool. Award baity, too, but mostly cool. As a fledgling producer Fassbender has displayed quite good taste—he’s also responsible for Macbeth and Assassin’s Creed, both of which he’s stocked with talented people—but this is the first feature film we’re seeing from DMC. Slow West looks impressive, and it got rave reviews at Sundance earlier this year.

It’s also kind of funny, maybe? Am I the only person who laughed during this trailer? It’s well edited and the rhythm, especially toward the end, is working for me, but there’s a distinctly comedic streak underlying the shoot’em up tension. Maybe it’s the fish out of water aspect of the pampered young aristocrat partnered with the gunslinger that’s getting to me. Either way, I REALLY like this trailer and am sold on Slow West. I’m also very curious to see what Fassbender’s other production projects end up looking like. Especially Assassin’s Creed, which has the potential to be the Iron Man of video game movies.