These photos of Michael Fassbender were taken on his way out of Venice after promoting A Dangerous Method and Shame. That red bag he's carrying on his shoulder is killing me. Not sure what it is or what's in it but I'm assuming it's one of the standard festival bags they always give you at these things when you get credentialed. There's also a programme inside, maybe a bottle of water if they have a sponsor, a pen if you're lucky, a pad of paper, and for the next 10 days, in the festival city, hundreds or thousands of festival participants, journalists, vendors, distributors, they walk around everywhere wearing one of these bags over their shoulders, like a massive marquee on their backs announcing that I'M AT THE VENICE FILM FESTIVAL/CANNES/TIFF/etc. Michael Fassbender just needs something to put his wallet and passport into.

I like the way his shirt fits. And how it tucks into his pants.

Anyway, just today, a reader called Fee - thanks Fee! - saw Michael back in East London having lunch with a woman who may or may not have been Zoe Kravitz, Fee isn't sure. Let's go with the "not" option for now so as to not stir sh-t up, ok?

He's at home then for a day or two before he heads to Toronto for TIFF. That's one party I'd love to be at. Michael Fassbender looks like he can make a party. I'm on a three day streak with Fassy photos now. Wonder how long we can keep that going.

Photos from Lawrence/La Pira/