Michael Fassbender was named Best Actor last night at the Moet British Independent Film Awards in London. Shame just opened in North America in limited release to a very healthy box office. So it was a good weekend.

This is for Sarah from Cinesnark who quivers for the Fassy and also admires the...Cumby? Is that what we call him? Benedict Cumberbatch? He of strange name and even stranger face?

Bradley Cooper, the reigning Sexiest Man Alive, was also at the event and appeared to be crowded by the ladies even though he’s been swearing up and down during every interview that he doesn’t consider himself sexy and couldn’t believe it when they gave him the title. Yeah but he still took it. Because on career strategy, that was the move they felt they had to make. But I wonder if he looks at Michael Fassbender and wishes he could have followed a different trajectory.

Fassy and Coop wore grey suits...

Fassy or Coop? Here’s your chance, Coop fans, to make yourself heard. I’m throwing this out there tomorrow during the liveblog.