Michael Fassbender was photographed in London yesterday hanging out with friends. Fassbender’s been busy, working on the Steve Jobs movie earlier this year, then in Cannes to promote Macbeth, and production is now underway on X-Men: Apocalypse. And they’re saying much of the story will be about his character’s relationship with Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique. In his downtime, Fassbender has spent some time in New York too, with his girlfriend Alicia Vikander, the new “cinematic supernova”. Alicia’s getting the kind of hype and consideration that Jessica Chastain had a few years ago, remember that? Suddenly Chastain was in everything and everyone was talking about her. She lived up to it. Can Alicia Vikander?

Back to Michael though, a new international trailer for Macbeth was just released yesterday. I keep hearing from people who are seeing it at small screenings and everyone says it’s brilliant, the most brilliant theatrical interpretation of the play, like, ever. They also all agree that Michael and Marion Cotillard are outstanding together. But as of the beginning of June, a North American release date has not been announced. Macbeth will open in October in the UK and they still haven’t managed to secure anything in the US and Canada.

Steve Jobs, though, is due on October 9. Directed by Danny Boyle, written by f-cking Sorkin, people are already calling it a contender and Michael a nominee for Best Actor. That’s probably where they think he has the better chance. More people are guaranteed to see Steve Jobs than Macbeth. And compared to Ashton Kutcher, sh-t, they’ll probably just hand him the Oscar, no questions asked. That’s actually a good campaign strategy. Make people sit through Ashton’s performance and then show them Michael’s right after .