Michael Fassbender is in Tokyo today promoting Assassin’s Creed. The movie didn’t make much of an impact in North America but made back all of its money and more internationally. So, as a producer, he needs to keep pushing it in foreign markets, especially if he wants to get the sequels made.

Assassin’s Creed was not well reviewed which shouldn’t be surprise. Sarah didn’t care for it either and I’m not even sure it’s worth a plane-watch considering I’ve watched the trailers so many times and still don’t understand what the f-ck it’s about. Somebody sent me a link to the backstory but, seriously? Do I seriously have to study in advance for a movie like Assassin’s Creed?

Michael’s next release is Alien: Covenant, expected in July and therefore a box office blockbuster, they hope. I’m more interested in the film he has after that – The Snowman, based on Jo Nesbo’s novel. You ever read any Jo Nesbo? I read The Snowman several years ago on a beach. Which is the only place I recommend reading Jo Nesbo. In the sun, where you feel warm, and not scared. Because his books are TERRIFYING. I was happy to be bathed in light and not at home alone, at night, listening to my house make noises.

The Snowman is scheduled to come out in October and Michael plays Harry Hole, the detective in Jo Nesbo’s books. So if he’s looking for a franchise and Assassin’s Creed doesn’t come though, I wonder if this one might be a more viable option.