Time for a break from the twats and the twits. New issue of Hello Canada on stands today features a wonderful interview with Michael J Fox. As you know, Michael has been living with Parkinson’s for 16 years. His first book Lucky Man was released in 2002 and was an instant bestseller. Michael couldn’t “write” the book himself but he dictated every word to an assistant while pacing back and forth in his garage. And he’s doing it again – a second book called Always Looking Up, a tongue in cheek reference to his height and of course his outlook on life.

Inspiring doesn’t even begin to describe it. The article is moving and candid and a sharp reminder that there are too few from the current crop that will ever succeed in matching his class.

Also included in this issue of Hello Canada – Celebrity Indulgences. Johnny Depp’s island, Celine’s fortress…and no wonder Nicolas Cage keeps making the same sh*tty movies over and over again: turns out he has to pay for his little Castle Habit.

The man owns like three castles. THREE castles! WTF??? He and his mail order bride just purchased a $10 million property in Bath, England – see attached. Sounds enticing at first but think of the ghosts. Call me Cruise but I could never.