Spike TV’s Scream 2010 happened this weekend in LA. They honoured the 25th anniversary of Back to the Future with Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd and the DeLorean. Fox showed up with wife Tracy Pollan. They look so great, don’t they look so great? I like him in skinny jeans.

He was 24 when Back to the Future was released. I wanted to marry him a little bit. Whenever I see him now I always remember that I wanted to marry him and feel relief that that affection was never wasted. That he was never a prick. That he was always decent and kind.

Remember his Pepsi commercial? OMG. I just found it and squealed like 1985 all over again.

I overheard someone say not too long ago that there’s a remake rumour – there’s always a remake rumour! – going ‘round about a new Back to the Future with... Justin Bieber.

This is a conversation I never want to have. We will not discuss this anymore either because I have anger issues. Scream 2010 airs on Spike on Tuesday.

Photos from Wenn.com and Flynetonline.com and Michael Caulfield/Gettyimages.com