Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father, said earlier this week that rehab is not enough. That cleaning house, ridding her life of toxins literal and figurative, is what needs to happen in order for his daughter to turn her sh-t around.

Crazy bastard but he does have a point, non?

After all, she clearly wasn’t using alone.

It appears however that even the “friends” who want well for Lindsay are as delusional as Dina, and everyone else that has surrounded her, enabled her for the last 3 years. In this week’s People Cover Story, many of her confidantes have stepped forward to call the DUI arrest a “Wake Up Call”, degenerate hangers-on who’ll roll with the coke life when it’s flowing and who will also roll with the sympathy and support when rehab is the flavour of the month.

Worse yet, they actually feed into the Dina Lohan sense of “Justice!”, as illustrated in the quote below in which they actually compare Lilo to Jodie Foster!!!

"She cares about her craft and about her career. She wants to be a Jodie Foster, so when she does things that are affecting her progress, that makes her upset.”

Hold up…let me just refresh.

Jodie Foster took a break from child celebrity to go to Yale, graduated Magna Cum Laude. Jodie Foster had a crazed fan who tried to assassinate the President because he loved her but instead of falling off the deep end and using the episode as a crutch for depravity, she went on to win two Oscars, option prestigious screenplays, make thoughtful movies, and raise her family in privacy.

Lindsay Lohan wants to be Jodie Foster?

Bitch… please!!!