Lindsay Lohan is dating 22 year old Russian billionaire Egor Tarabasov. First of all, he’s 22. Don’t tell me those billions are his. Anyway, they’re apparently in love. And he’s spent time with her family, including her father, that upstanding citizen, Michael Lohan.

Guess what, because you’ll never guess…

Michael Lohan approves of his daughter’s billionaire Russian boyfriend.


You can hardly believe it!

Michael Lohan told Page Six that Egor is a “great influence” on Lindsay and that he’s super connected in Russia and that he’ll be using those connections to help Lindsay’s comeback. Well, sh-t. That sounds not shady at all, a Russian billionaire with mega powerful contacts in Russia who may or may not try to buy his girlfriend a comeback.

But then again, this is why Lindsay Lohan’s been living in London all this time, mysteriously able to pay for the 5 diamond hotel lifestyle even though she hasn’t had a real job in forever. This has been the goal. Fishing. Has she finally caught one?

Attached - Lindsay Lohan at the Matthew Williamson furniture collection launch at Harrods last night and file photos of Lindsay with Egor in 2015.