It’s always a revelation when her pimp dad starts talking. Either one of her parents, actually. Because they live through her, and they suffer through her, and they famewhore through her. Even when she’s a f-cking mess. And she’s been a f-cking mess for years.

So Michael Lohan spoke to Radar exclusively following Lindsay’s disastrous showing at Ungaro and the caring parent revealed that indeed his daughter is addicted. He’s claiming a classier dependency though. Because pill popping is looked upon more favourably than, say, crystal meth. Or heroin. You know.

Explains Michael:

"You know why Lindsay's not acting in feature films right now? Because she can't," he said. "Because the girl with all the talent is hidden and buried deep inside this fungus that's grown because of the prescription drugs. She can't be herself. When you hug her she's like, vacant inside. When she kisses or holds me I get chills, and not in a good way-in a bad way."


He’s so chilled from the situation he picked up the phone to alert the media.

Having said that, at the very least, he’s at least telling the half truth. Unlike that Dina Lohan who just a few weeks ago was still insisting that Lindsay as in perfect condition.

Does this look like a bitch who’s in perfect condition?

She’s cracked out of her third lip. And still, posted this article yesterday, all fair and light, completely neglecting the overwhelmingly negative reviews from Lindsay’s Ungaro collection, continuing to nestle inside the cocaine covered cavity of her ass.

And this is why, to me, and this doesn’t mean for you, but to ME, she’s not Sad Smut. The child star parable, the publicity glossover of her life, the industry’s continued blind eye, and the crave…always the crave. Open to interpretation whether or not it’s the substances dictating her behaviour, but at the beginning there was the fame crave. Crank or not, the crave is still there.

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