Was just about to go off Michael Phelps and then this – yesterday in New York, promoting the Visa Early Swimming Program for youth. Best of all, he has his clothes off and he’s wet.


So much hotter to me with his cap on. Like his face is more chiselled. I also prefer when he has Fierce Face rather than Fame Face. But Smiling With Kids Face is good too.

Latest Michael Phelps gossip?

Carrie Underwood.

The National Enquirer is reporting that he and country music’s reigning bitch have been texting non stop and are setting up a secret date.

If it’s true… good luck with that, honey.

Carrie Underwood is nothing if not high maintenance. And a jealous possessive freak. She won’t last a lap with Michael Phelps and the adoration surrounding him. But it’ll be fun to watch her try.

It’ll be fun to watch her whine and moan about being neglected when he starts training again. Here’s a guy who has already said he wants to win in Rome in 2009. Winning means training. Training means 7 days a week in the pool, 2 sessions a day, sometimes totalling 5 hours, naps and video games, and food in between.

Where will Carrie find a minute? Certainly not at meal time. Carrie doesn’t eat.

Photos from Wenn.com