He says he wants to elevate the popularity of swimming in North America to what it’s like in Australia, do perhaps what Tiger has done for golf, what Becks is trying with soccer. As such, there is a price to pay.

Sorry, kid. Comes with the territory.

Besides, I need to know who’s sharing your bed if it can’t be me. Why can’t it be me!!??!!!

Needless to say, all eyes are on Michael Phelps. He has left Beijing, should be in London now as part of the Visa team commemorating the Olympic hand-off. Like a loser, this means I won’t be as enthusiastic about watching the Closing Ceremony. F7ck I suck.

After London, Michael should be headed home, maybe for an awkward reunion with his girlfriend?

Must be hard for her. His life has already changed dramatically, and it’s enough to wonder how she might change too. Or not. On top of that to deal with the constant speculation about who he’s hooking up with.

Amanda Beard has denied any romantic involvement, Michael said himself he doesn’t know Lily Donaldson, but a more believable rumour would be Michael making out with Australian champion Stephanie Rice on Monday night at the Speedo party. Stephanie of course is his female counterpart in the 200 and 400IM and is taking home 3 total golds.

She also like just broke up with Eamon Sullivan five minutes ago.

Eamon was at that party too. Apparently she and Michael threw it down right in front of him and poor Eamon is now gutted.

Keep in mind though that Michael and Eamon were seen together afterwards, no tension in the air and no drama to observed.

Photos attached of Stephanie on the carpet heading into the Speedo party and also of Stephanie and Michael posing together at an afternoon Speedo event after the alleged canoodles (Eamon was also there) looking “next morning” awkward. Or am I imagining it?

I worry he’s not a good kisser. I wonder if that underbite affects the kissing. He does have beautiful hands though. I mentioned this to my cousin Cat the other day, she said the way he looks out of the shower with a towel wrapped around his waist would make up for whatever’s happening with his mouth.

Would it?

I need to stop.