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Lainey Posted by Lainey at August 14, 2012 18:03:26 August 14, 2012 18:03:26

Sorry for the lame question but I’m in desperate need of a black cardigan. Nothing too crazy, just something basic and that will look great.


There are crap load of black cardigans out there, but L, I’ve weeded through the shit to find you THE shit.  Ready?

When I need a well-made basic I always hit up J Crew.  As expected they have one hell of a serviceable pick right here (1).

Sasha Finds: Black Cardigans

Personally, I lean towards a relaxed fit and L, if you do too then this (2) one over at Equipment is pretty darn perfect.  For a double-take cheapie head over to Old Navy (3) for something just as good!

Lace is a really great detail if you’re looking to up the style ante and good god this (4) Valentino is stunning.  Okay, I know that sh-t is crazy expensive so for something a bit more chill in every way check out this (5) piece by Rebecca Taylor.

Sasha Finds: Black Cardigans

If you’re not into buttons and you like your cardi’s with a bit more of a drapey feel then I gotchya covered with the following links here (6), here (7), here (8), and here (9).

Sasha Finds: Black Cardigans

Ass coverage is important to me - the longer the better - and a cocoon shape is the figure flattering way to go.   And L, I’ve found two styles that you’ll no doubt covet here (10) and here (11).

Sasha Finds: Black Cardigans

However, if you want a straight cut then peep out the next couple of links here (12)  and here (13).

Sasha Finds: Black Cardigans

Lastly, I always get requests for leather so why not incorporate it into your knits!  L, take a peek at some luxe looks here (14), here (15) and here (16).

Sasha Finds: Black Cardigans

Thanks for writing in and keep your questions coming to [email protected].

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