It was an easy choice: Michael Phelps has been named Sports Illustrated Sportsman of the Year. And while I’m no longer in love with him, I can certainly still appreciate his body in Beijing. Oh yes.

That body was clad in a tuxedo and thrown into the water for this cover shoot which is why his face looks more messed up than usual.

It’s a long article that follows. Michael’s grand plans for his sport, what a superstar he’s become, as in extra extra VIP service at the MTV Awards, some fawning over his dedication to community service and the compassion he had for his biggest fan who eventually succumbed to illness. Also includes a very well written section on why Phelps has been forgiven for his DUI and a video with behind the scenes footage from the photo shoot. He does look great in a tux.

But you know when you break up with someone, and even though at the time it was like pure, sick, crazy ass love, and you couldn’t imagine not feeling that anymore and then one day you see them again and it’s like… oh, there’s nothing there and I can’t even remember it being there?

This is me for Michael. And it has nothing to do with his taste in women.

Last week, word broke that he’s been dating some Vegas pole dancer and brought her home to mom for Thanksgiving. Click here to see the photos.

So he’s 23. He was picked on as a child. He’s goofy looking and all of a sudden he’s the man of hour. Of course he’s going to be attracted that. Why wouldn’t he be attracted to that?

The fact that George Clooney, at almost 50, is still and has always been attracted to that… well now that’s another matter altogether. Why isn’t that a dealbreaker???

Click here for the Sports Illustrated article and video.